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miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Kabak Tatlisi (Sweet Pumpkin)

The Kabak Tatlisi is a Turkish typical dessert that has the pumpkin like main ingredient. It is really easy to prepare. Making use of Halloween you can buy one extra pumpkin and try to cook it, or even use what is left of the Halloween's pumpkin...
Kabak means pumpkin in turkish and tatlisi , sweet. So simple.


One pumpkin middle size
0.33 pounds of sugar
0.33 pounds of nuts

We peel and cut the pumpkin in large chunks. We put the chunks in a mud casserole of flat type and we dust them with the sugar. We set water just to cover the pumpkin. We must leave like this during 24 hours so the sugar impregnates the fruit. After the 24 hours we must put the casserole to the fire until it begins to boil. Then we reduce and we left to the low fire during 1 hour or until the pumpkin is tender. We separate from the fire until it takes the room temperature. We crush the nuts in a mortar to dust over... and then in ready to serve. Simple, isn't?

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