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martes, 24 de diciembre de 2013

Champagne jelly with berries

The Alicia Foundation , promoted by Ferran Adria of Bulli among others , launched a wine jelly that is used in haute cuisine since long ago. Basically you open a bottle and instead to pour wine you pour a gelatin of wine capable of being used in desserts and other preparations. In a more 'homemade' way here I present a gelatin that can be used as a dessert for adults - because it contains alcohol - but it can also be an entree to substitute the cocktail appetizer . A proposal that is sure will amaze your guests.

Ingredients (6 persons ) :

2 pints / 1 lt  of champagne or other sparkling wine
300 grams / 10 oz of fresh berries ( blueberries, raspberries etc)
30 grams  / 1 oz sugar
3 sheets of gelatin

This recipe must be prepared the day before when the food will be served .

First we soften the gelatin sheets in cold water. In the microwave we heat three tablespoons of water to boil. We introduce the sugar and the gelatin in the hot water and dissolve them well .

Uncork the champagne . We mix in a bowl with the gelatin  and sugar. Distribute among the cups the berries and  pour the champagne with gelatin . Cover with film paper and bring directly to the refrigerator . The next day the champagne be gelatinized and if you have been lucky the trail of bubbles will be trapped in the gelatin as insects were trapped in prehistoric amber.

Serve very cold with a teaspoon. Needless to say that the resulting gelatin is still an alcoholic beverage, so it is not suited for kids.

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