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miércoles, 1 de julio de 2015

New book "5 routes to explore Istanbul in 5 days", buy it and win a travel for two people to Istanbul !

After the big success of "5 rutas para conocer Estambul en 5 días", the spanish version of this book with more than 30,000 copies sold, we launch the english version.

"5 routes... " is a book that visits the city of the two continents in a fun way, reaching levels of travel literature. By one side is a practical travel guide that recommends five routes to know the city in five days. By the other side the book also details how the Turks live, their daily life, their history, and also analyzes political tensions and culture of a country which is torn between the western and eastern. Thanks to the Turks, albeit indirectly, exists the myth of Dracula, Cervantes wrote Don Quixote and Columbus discovered America. All this objectively reported by the author who has lived in the country and even married to a woman of Turkish nationality.

The book is full of details and amusing anecdotes, making it easy reading. You can read it before to travel, during the travel or even if you are not planning to go to Turkey but you want to know things about the country.

If you want to know more about the current and ancient Turkey and go beyond the usual travel books, "5 routes ..." is your book that can accompany you in Istanbul or like reading at any time.

Among all purchasers of the ebook version of "5 tours ...", when purchased before September 1st, we will raffle a stay in Istanbul for 5 days with all expenses paid for two people.

1. You must inform us that you bought the book by emailing 5rutas@grupo4g.com with your full name.
2. You must keep the receipt of the invoice issued by Amazon and sent if by email if you win the prize.
3. There is only one prize per player, so do not buy more than one copy because it does not increase your chances of winning the trip.
4. The trip includes a stay in a 3/4 star hotel in Sultanahmet or Tarksin for 5 days full board, or if you prefer only bed and breakfast with daily expenses paid up to 200 euros per person. If you choose full board will be paid daily 100 euros per person for internal travels and other expenses. The ticket also be paid if does not exceed 2000 euros per person. If it is exceeded, the difference is paid.
5. The journey may take place from 1st September (date of the drawing) until 31 December 2016 inclusive.
6. At least one of the travelers must be 18 years at the time of making the draw.
7. details of the trip and its conditions will be sent prior to the draw.

Buy the book in AMAZON

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